This website is about me and my Martial Arts. I will promote my martial arts ideas and philosophies here, as well as some specific techniques and ideas about how to apply martial arts and their lessons to real life situations. Few of us actually end up fighting with other people in our daily lives, unless we make this a point. Our society has (luckily) evolved to the point where we do not employ violence in our day to day interactions with each other*.  Martial Arts are enjoyed as a sport, hobby and lifestyle that teaches us techniques and abilities that we can learn to use to improve our experience of our every day life. A true Martial Art will challenge you in its execution, it will be hard to do, and will give you little reward other than the knowledge that yes, you can perform under high stress. Yes, you cannot do something now, but if you train/work/learn hard, you will be able to. You will see yourself as limitless.


Check out my Martial Arts page for information on my BJJ and MMA history. Check out my Blog for my philosophies on learning and teaching Martial Arts / MMA. I will primarily focus on (my) Brazillian Jiujitsu, but I’d like to think most martial arts have at least the attitude in common.




*indirectly, our entire society/economic model is based on violence in regards to property rights, but this blurb doesn’t address that on purpose ok?